Project Clean Slate

Expungement Leads to More Job Opportunities

Project Clean Slate is an initiative that helps individuals begin the process of having certain convictions expunged from their record. Some populations have specific challenges impacting their ability to enter the workforce. Project Clean Slate is helping Detroiters earn criminal record expungement, and connecting them to better job and training opportunities.

2018 Project Clean Slate Results

  • Total Enrollments: 1,313
  • Total Non-Eligible*: 868
  • Total Expungement Eligible**: 445
  • Total Expunged: 140

* Did not meet state expungement requirements.

** Expungements in process. Takes 3-6 months for completion.


Kevin recently had his misdemeanor expunged. He now runs his own company, Peer Dynamic Solutions, where he conducts surveys and focus groups.

Kevin White

Project Clean Slate Participant

A Community Effort for All Detroiters